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      Clinton praises Pell as ‘right kind of aristocrat’
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Jan. 5—President Bill Clinton eulogizes Claiborne Pell as a “fascinating man.“




Hear the Word of the Lord:

New Amplification System Installed at Trinity

On Thanksgiving Day 2005 we inaugurated the new amplification system for Trinity Church.  Thanks to the generosity of many members of the parish who contributed to the fund for this project, a state-of-the-art system designed by the renowned Bose Corporation has been installed by Uncle's Sound Systems of Lincoln, Rhode Island.

From the beginning, the intention was to provide the highest level of quality and clarity in order to communicate the Word of God so that it might be heard by all people.  Through the efforts of many people in this parish and beyond, we believe we now have the best possible system in place through which that goal can be achieved.  We are grateful to all who have had a part in this work.

The above was taken from the Trinity Church News and Notes website.